I'm Shane I take pictures and design things. I like to think of myself as a storyteller, a visual one. The girl in the picture is my wife Kelly. She owns a bespoke Bridal service including wedding dress and bridesmaid alterations if you would like to find out more click here (www.kellyatkenseamstress.co.uk)

We have two boys and love travelling, so if you are getting married in some far flung place let me know, distance is certainly no problem. I'm not a hipster but I do like craft beer and a nice Gin & Tonic, from a non-alcoholic perspective a good cup of tea and some lemon drizzle cake.

I know you are going to be surprised as we don't look old enough but when I first started taking pictures I had to put a film in the camera.

If you would like to know anything else please just ask (we're not shy!)



Over the last few years I have decided to do my own events at places like cafes, restaurants and bars. That means we can hook up whenever and wherever you are or we are. Drop me an email if you fancy a coffee and cake somewhere or you can even pop round to my place.